VW Charity Show 30 March-1 April 2012, Charlton Park, Wilts

Dub Aid is back, this year supporting the RNLI

Last year's show was a blast. Who's up for another in 2012?

Note: video contains the F-word at 5:08. Ooooh, naughty!

Supporting: RNLI Lifeboats

The VW community has always had a strong connection with seaside towns of this country, from just a day trip to club outings to the all-important surf encounter, all these activities are watched over by the brave men and women of the RNLI and Beach Lifeguard Service. Many of these people are volunteers and rely on donations to support the cost of what they do and for the equipment they need. So this year it's time for us V-Dubbers to give something back to these brave men and women.

So in 2012 come and help us make this year's show an even bigger success, raise lots more money for charity and, at the same time, say thank you to this great institution for keeping us safe on those seaside/surfing trips.

Main event sponsors

VW Northfield Cirencester

KK Catering

Butler Fuels

2Gether Insurance

Thanks to Cue Media for providing the full PA and lighting rig at considerable cost, as well as the expertise to run it.

Friends of Dub Aid

We'd also like to thank the people behind these shows, all of whom have helped us in one way or another.

Oktoberfest 2012

Vanwest 2012

Volksfest 2012

Air Cooled Fools

VW Action


Blackpool Breeze

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